BailoutSleuth.com is a non-profit, non-partisan investigative reporting site. We are dedicated to tracking the flow of taxpayer money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program and other federal economic stability initiatives, with an emphasis on transparency and accountability.

BailoutSleuth.com also is following the wave of bank failures that began in 2008 and so far has claimed more than 250 financial institutions. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has absorbed tens of billions of dollars in loans and other assets from those institutions, and has been selling them to private buyers.

BailoutSleuth.com is operated by BailoutSleuth.com Foundation Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization backed by entrepreneur Mark Cuban. JunketSleuth.com, another investigative reporting site that tracks travel by federal employees, members of Congress and their staffs, also is run by BailoutSleuth.com Foundation.

Sharesleuth.com, a for-profit site that seeks to expose securities fraud and corporate chicanery, is a separate corporate entity, with separate funding and a separate staff.