The new "dividend deadbeats"

Twenty-eight banks that got public aid through TARP's Capital Purchase Program missed their dividend payments to the Treasury Department for the first time last month -- the highest number of new "deadbeats" to emerge in a single month since the program's inception.

The figure likely means that many of those banks will continue to miss their payments in the future. Just three TARP banks that have skipped dividend payments have gone on to make all their subsequent payments.

Banks that got TARP money are required to pay quarterly dividends that translate to a 5 percent annual for the first five years and 9 percent thereafter.

The value of the dividends missed by the first-time "deadbeats" is more than $5.8 million, based on data compiled by SNL Financial and assembled by BailoutSleuth.

View the list of new TARP "deadbeats" below.

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